so 2014 continues and february comes around just as it usually does.

PUP has made their way overseas to kick off their European/UK tour, but not before blowing the roof off The Phoenix AND THEN The Garrison in Toronto last Friday. Europe and the UK won’t know what hit them. We hope our boys come back in one piece, and we even asked them to send us proof that they were still alive and all we got was this pic of a demonic looking black cat. Alright, good luck out there, PUP.


Here at Royal Mountain Records pride ourselves in doing things ourselves, and encouraging the bands we work with to do the same thing. Earlier this week Juno Nominations were released and we’re pleased to announce that Hollerado’s latest album, White Paint, was nominated for Recording Package of the Year. The band and their amazing friends stayed up for 3 days straight, hand painting over 10,ooo copies of White Paint at an Andy Warhol style warehouse painting-party. The base image under the paint is of a stained glass window designed by Menno’s grandfather in the 1960s. So this nomination should really for be for Opa Charlie and the couple hundred friends that pitched in to make art with us. It’s nice to be nominated for whatever, but at the end of the day, what we are truly grateful for is being part of an amazing, talented and encouraging community that supports each other in creating things and experiences that we can all be proud of. And for that we thank you.

In case you missed it, here is a video of what happened that weekend, courtesy of our friends at Last Frame Pictures.