Stella Ella Ola

We are proud to announce that Stella Ella Ola now has an official release date of August 5, 2014 for their long awaited debut album “I Think We Should Hang Out All The Time”. The album was recorded at our very own Royal Mountain Studios and produced by Nyles Miszczyk.

Exclaim is premiering their new video for “Peter Sellers”. Here.
Check out the album art (by the bands own, Anne Douris) and the track listing below.

Stella Ella Ola
1.    Summerette
2.    Hornet’s Nest
3.    Hypersleep
4.    Try Try Die
5.    Too Pretty
6.    Little Black Rope
7.    Donna
8.    Proud Mother Stomp
9.    Pressure Points
10.  Peter Sellers