The Juno Awards are next week in Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton is an great place to hang out and and we are looking forward to the fun times ahead. Although none of the bands we work with play music with the hopes of winning a prize, we would still like to congratulate Alvvays and Pup with 2 Juno nominations each.

In other news, we have just signed the band voted “most likely to never win a Juno” for all 6 years they were in high school. We would like to welcome infamous Toronto rabble rousers, Pkew Pkew Pkew, to the Royal Mountain Family.

And finally….the release date for Hollerado’s 111 songs has been postponed by 1 week to March 31, 2015. Apparently the over 5 hours of music on this record was too much for iTunes to handle and it took them a week to sort it out, but they did so hooray. See the full track listing of the 111 songs here.