Little Junior - Ratface//Dogface

Release Date: 06/24/2016

There are two types of people in this world – ratfaces and dogfaces.

The debut release from Little Junior (four ratfaces from Toronto), is a fistful of painfully self-aware Power Pop. RATFACE//DOGFACE speaks to isolation, bitterness, and desperation, with tongue planted firmly in cheek.
It is a conflicted offering, exposing the duality of the band’s nature. Studio recordings on one side give way to bedroom demos on the other; misanthropic lyrics thinly veiling a need for approval; a punk band that can’t help but write pop songs.

You either have a ratface or a dogface. Look in the mirror. Look at your friends. Make up your own mind.


On limited edition pink tape, the B side is only available on the cassette!

Side A:

1. Crybaby

2. Psychopath

Side B:

3. Please Don’t Break Up With Me

4. Pacify