Royal Mountain Records Presents - Ghostbusters 5 Soundtrack

Release Date: 01/01/2011

In 2011, Hollerado recorded two new songs and wanted to put them on a CD to sell at shows. We thought using an entire CD for only two songs was kind of wasteful, so we asked some of our favourite bands if they wanted to put a song on the CD too. All of these bands are totally awesome. We have seen each of them play live numerous times and they all rule, and are excellent people, and are usually up for a game of battleship. Furthermore, the only compensation they are getting for lending us a song is a case of beer and your ears. So if you like what you hear, go see the band live or buy a record from them or even better let them crash on your floor and cook them spaghetti when they play in your city. Also, do not pay more than $5 for this CD.



Hollerado – Good Day At The Races (new version)
Jamie Gilmartin – Deep in Brooklyn
Parlovr – Little Fishies
Uncle Bad Touch – Follow the Waves to the Coastline
Malajube – Ibuprofène
Fang Island – Life Coach
Honheehonhee – A is for Animal
Young Rival – Your Island
Love Banshee – Peter Popoff You Are the Anti-Christ
Atom Division – Red Smith
Topanga – Back Against The Wall
Free Energy – Backscratcher
Hollerado – Walking Out On Daytime
The Darcys – Shaking Down The Old Bones
Molly Rankin – Way Home

All songs property of the bands or labels that own them.

RMR-005 – Royal Mountain Presents: Ghostbusters 5 Soundtrack – CDR