Holy Family joins the RMR family!

We are super stoked to announce that Holy Family has signed to Royal Mountain and that we will be releasing their new album Values, due to be out on August 25th, 2017. 

After spending the last 24 months experiencing life in and between their rural hometown on the outskirts of Gothenburg, the Canadian city of Montreal, and sunny climbs of Athens, Georgia, Values also reflects the guilty side to the doors of opportunity brought about by relocation. Written in Gothenburg Values was recorded over just two weeks in Athens, Georgia with Kevin Barnes. With little time for breaks, the combination of fatigue and time constraints forced the band beyond their comfort zone and into new sonic realms, giving the record it’s eclectic feel recalling the experimentalism of Blur or Grizzly Bear with the technical style of late 60s song-writing.


Check out the album art for Values below and the new single,"There Completely" below!



We are really excited that they will are becoming a part of the Royal Mountain Family, be sure to look out for Holy Family this summer

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