Everett Bird


Everett Bird released their debut record, People Person on February 22 2018 via Royal Mountain Records (Mac DeMarco, METZ, Alvvays).  Fueled by Guru Energy drinks, Pilsners and twenty years of friendship, childhood friends Everett Morris and Liam wrote the entire album in an old Montreal apartment. Everett drank so much Guru he turned purple.  To fill out the line up, they picked up Mikey Arcidiacono after they saw him him slappin' and tappin' on the razorback at Guitar World; they knew he was the missing link.  The band recorded the album at Breakglass studios in Montreal with Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes, SUUNS), where they ended each session with celebratory 306’s (Pilsners) and stogies. The album they created meshes rock, jazz, r&b with overtones of Punk & garage.  Pairs well with liquor and a bucket of dark meat in the park.